Connecticut Is the 7th State to Legalize Online Poker

Despite the fact that most states have legalized some form of online poker, not all of them have regulated it. However, a few states have publicly announced that it is legal, and some are moving towards it. In the meantime, many operators are reporting double or triple digit traffic numbers.

Connecticut, for instance, is the seventh state to regulate online poker. This is a result of a recent HB 6451 legislation signed by Governor Ned Lamont on May 27, 2021. This law does not make online poker legal, but it does make it legal to operate an online poker site in the state.

Although not all states have legalized real money online poker, the state of Connecticut is paving the way for interstate poker. Connecticut lawmakers are open to the possibility of entering multi-state agreements that would enable shared liquidity between operators in different states. This would increase the overall player pool, and make it easier for Connecticut operators to launch two online poker sites.

In fact, Connecticut has flirted with the idea of legalizing online gambling for some time. This has led to agreements with two Indian tribes.

This includes a digital device that can be used to fingerprint players and recognize new accounts. It also allows poker sites to identify and block banned players.

Although the HB 6451 does not specifically mention the possibility of shared liquidity, the law does allow for states to enter multi-state agreements, which would allow for a shared player pool.