Sportsbet – What Are the Different Types of Sports Bets?

Sportsbet is a website and app that Aussies can use to place wagers on pretty much anything. That includes major sporting events, horse races, cricket matches, and even reality show contestants and TV plot lines. It’s also possible to make a bet on more specific outcomes, like how many points a certain player will score.

While it’s not a guarantee that you’ll win, placing a bet on sports is a fun and rewarding way to add more excitement to your viewing experience. Plus, it can help keep you invested emotionally in the game. There are many different types of bets to choose from, such as moneylines, spreads, and parlays. But it’s important to understand how each one works before you start betting with real money.

A money line is a bet on which team you think will win. In most cases, there are no point spreads in baseball and hockey games, so you just have to pick which team will win. This type of bet is especially popular in football and basketball games, as it is easy to understand.

Spreads are the most common type of bet. They’re based on the margin of victory that a favored team must win by to cover the point spread. You can bet against a spread by taking it (betting the underdog) or giving it (betting the favorite). A sportsbook will offer different odds for each type of bet, so you’ll want to shop around to find the best odds.