Sportsbet Review

If you love betting on sports and you want to know more about this online bookmaker, you can read this review of Sportsbet. The bookmaker has a great reputation with punters and it caters to both casual bettors and racing aficionados. Its site offers a large variety of markets, exotic bets and novelties, and competitive odds. In addition, the Sportsbet app is easy to navigate, looks nice, and features live streaming options.

The same race multi feature lets you bet on several runners who finish in the top three. This betting option offers better odds because you are selecting multiple runners for the same race. Similarly, a flexi bet allows you to combine multiple runners in the same race. Moreover, the flexi feature allows you to choose a team or a horse and a win. Sportsbet offers a comprehensive FAQ, so you can learn more about the different betting options available.

The Sportsbet TVCs include group bets, different cinematic scenarios, and audacious creative directors. It’s not hard to see why Sportsbet’s marketing campaigns are so successful. The ads feature a group of heroes, a game of thrones-style standoff, and a daring interdimensional challenge to save the world. The ads have also boosted the brand’s search engine visibility.