Sportsbet Betting Tools

Sportsbet is a bookmaker offering online betting on a wide variety of sports and racing events. It also offers a range of betting tools to help you maximise your bankroll. Whether you’re new to sports betting and keen to learn the basics, or a veteran bettor looking to apply a more rigorous mathematical approach, these tools can help you make better wagers and increase your winnings.

The odds in a sports market are an indication of how confident a bookmaker is that one side will win. They tell you the probability of a team or individual scoring a goal, hitting a home run, or winning a game. They’re like the odds you learned about in elementary school, but a lot more complex.

Win probability is the likelihood that a particular team will win a market based on a predictive model. It is usually expressed as a percentage. The higher the number, the more likely a team will win. This is not the same as true probability, which is based on math and takes into account variables such as injuries, weather, and other factors that may impact a game.

Total payout is the amount of money a bet will return if it wins, including both your original wager and your profit. It is a useful statistic to have when comparing bets, as it allows you to make more accurate comparisons between sportsbooks. If you’re considering a bet with an online sportsbook, always check the payout terms and conditions before placing your bets.