Live Bacarrat – How to Play Bacarrat

Unlike other card games, Baccarat does not require the player to memorize the card ranks. Instead, they have to know when to draw a card.

The rules of the game are simple and easy to follow. The player’s goal is to get closer to nine than the banker. They are paid even money for their win.

The game starts with two cards being dealt to each player. The first hand is called the Banker’s hand and the second hand is the Player’s hand. The third card is dealt according to a set of predetermined rules. The house then decides whether the Banker or the Player should draw.

The game is played using eight standard decks. If the total is less than nine, then the game is a tie. The odds of winning a tie are usually 8-1. If the total is 9 or more, the winner wins.

The tens and face cards have zero value, while the Aces carry one point. The rest of the cards are worth their numerical value.

The Banker is the person dealing the game. When the Banker loses, he passes the role to the Player. When the Player wins, the dealer continues dealing until the end of the hand. The bet on the Banker’s hand is charged with a 5% commission, which compensates for the slight advantage that the Banker has.

Players may also bet on a tie. This is done by betting that the banker’s hand will not win. The bet is usually 8-1, but there is the possibility of a payout of 8-1 for a win on a tie.